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Infrastructure specialists, since 1982
SWS Engineering is an engineering company active in infrastructure construction. We are part of the SWS Group and offer specialist engineering, project management and risk management services.

For more than thirty years, we have been helping clients build works that form the infrastructural backbone of local communities. We are committed to service quality and on-time delivery. We are firmly convinced of the importance of designing and building works with a sustainable economic, environmental and social footprint.

We have offices in Trento, Torino, Roma (Italy), Ankara (Turkey), London (UK) and Toronto (Canada) to deliver worldwide the best possible services on our key sectors, tunnelling, railways and roads, subways and energy.

Our core business

SWS stands for Soil, Water and Structures and designates our field of action. We offer solid infrastructure project engineering and management expertise for the transport, building construction, energy and mining industries. We specialize in tunnels for overground and underground railways, motorways, service infrastructures for the mining and oil & gas industries. Our innovative proprietary “smart tunnelling” platform minimizes sovrastructural risk.

We successfully apply our in-depth knowledge of the BIM process (Building Information Modeling) during both design and construction, with significant benefits for our clients. Our modeling, risk management and risk assessment services provide effective support for construction of roads, railways, bridges and dams. As a company in the SWS Group, we are backed by the modelling and simulation knowhow of our sister-company EnginSoft in resolving operational questions and problems relating to statics and fluid dynamics for excavation and construction work.

An innate vocation for partnership

We believe in the power of collaboration. Many of our projects are conducted through consortia and joint ventures to provide the end client with top competences in the various disciplines. We work side by side with general contractors, other engineering and design companies, and consultants in geotechnics, finance, environmental and socio-economic services. We are loyal, reliable partners, who understand the effectiveness of teamwork.

In 2012 SWS engineering won the 'technical innovation of the year' award

SWS Engineering won the “Technical innovation of the year” award at the International Tunnelling Awards in Toronto (Canada) in 2012. Our winning project investigated how expanded clay can be successfully employed as a back-filler in deep mechanized tunnelling. At subsequent editions of the Awards, we have always been among the finalists.

Our project for the 2014 Awards was the Smart Cross Passage (SCP), for which a patent application is currently pending. We also support a strong safety culture and principles of sustainability in all our operations, and we are a charter member of the Green Building Council promoting LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in Italy.

Our founders

Paolo Mazzalai


Paolo Mazzalai

Through his work on hundreds of projects in transport (roads motorways railways) and water management (dams and hydraulic systems) Paolo Mazzalai has extensive experience in infrastructure engineering. He has held senior management posts in a number of companies including SWS Engineering and SWS Group where he has been CEO since 1989.

After graduating in Civil Engineering in 1973 for many years he was an associate professor at Padua University. He is the author of more than 100 scientific papers and a member of many scientific and business associations including Confindustria Trento of which he is president for the five-year period 2011-2015.

Stefano Odorizzi


Stefano Odorizzi

A graduate in Civil Engineering Stefano Odorizzi began working as a researcher in 1976 at Padua University where he is now Solid Mechanics chair. A firm advocate of numerical simulation technologies in research he has published more than 200 scientific papers.

Odorizzi alternates his work at Padua University with the management of SWS Engineering and of EnginSoft one of the leading players in CAE and iDP in Europe. He is a founder of both companies.