Orte-Falconara Railway Line

  • Orte-Falconara Railway Line
  • Orte-Falconara Railway Line
  • Orte-Falconara Railway Line
  • About the Project

    SWS Engineering provided design and construction support services on a project to double a section of nearly 5 km of the existing single-track railway between Orte and Falconara, two towns in central Italy. In providing these services, we handled design and construction-related problems for the Fabriano tunnel, bridges, viaducts, box culverts, under/overpasses, railway superstructure, electrification, signaling and telecommunication systems.

    During the construction period, we provided consultancy services and were closely involved in planning the railway doubling works, which were completed without disruption to services on the existing line.

    We performed the following activities:
    → widening the line, in part through a second track and in part through creation of a new route;
    → removal of all existing level crossings;
    → realization/adaptation of road crossings;
    → adaptation of stations and halts;
    → renovation and technological improvements, with the realization of electric traction lines, signaling and network circulation safety systems and railway telecommunications.

    Project Info

    Country :


    Client :

    Torno Internazionale Spa

    Period :

    2004 - 2006

    Activities performed :

    Detailed design and safety coordination of works

    Specialized services :