As leaders in tunnelling for more than 30 years, SWS has been involved in many of the world’s most important projects, including the Brenner Tunnel linking Italy and Austria, the Frejus Tunnel between Italy and France, the tunnels on a long section of Turkey’s new high-speed railway, the subways in Singapore, Copenhagen (Denmark) and Nice (France).

We keep up to date with the latest developments in construction industrialisation processes, new materials, use of increasingly advanced software tools. We ourselves are innovators in tunnelling, where we have developed the TunnelTech suite of technologies and methodologies for tunnel design, construction and maintenance, and InfraRisk, a multidisciplinary program for identification and safe management of potential risks.

We offer the same high level of expertise and efficiency whether we are working in geologically complex areas or congested urban areas. We are specialists accustomed to managing complex projects with multi-skill teams.

Railways and roads

Road infrastructure today must take account of many new and important issues such as the real speed of travel as a result of interconnection of multiple systems, energy saving, environmental and social sustainability.

In railways, high-speed projects are pivotal to the competitive development of huge regions, if not entire countries. Meanwhile, roads and motorways have to respond to constantly changing mobility requirements in areas with highly diverse geological characteristics and human activities, as well as to new sensitivities concerning the environment and the physical landscape.

SWS has been a successful player on the road infrastructure market since 1982, taking on increasingly sophisticated construction challenges. Our team has also developed impressive expertise in streamlining budgets and delivery schedules while ensuring rigorous compliance with the strictest environmental and safety regulations. Examples of its work include such important projects as the high-speed rail network in Turkey, and the A14 motorway, the Martignano ring road and the Florence rail bypass in Italy.


Urban mobility, and metropolitan network development in particular, are key issues at the top of the development agenda of major cities all over the world.

Designing and building a subway means finding solutions to complex and often conflicting needs. A subway must not only deliver rapid travel, traffic decongestion, links between the centre and the suburbs, it must also safeguard the buildings above ground, respect the local historical and archaeological heritage, be environmentally sustainable, stimulate local business.

The SWS team has extensive experience in this field. We take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to projects in order to develop the best solutions at every stage. Our outstanding technical expertise is accompanied by specific administrative and management competences in relations with local authorities and operating partners.


The problems of global warming and the irreversible depletion of fossil fuel reserves are driving countries all over the world to make more rational use of energy and develop alternative sources (hydraulic, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass).

At SWS, we wholeheartedly support these epoch-making changes. In water, for example, we understand the important strides the advanced nations have to make to achieve a more rational use of water. At the same time, many southern regions are facing an alarming decline in their resources and need to construct major reservoirs for their drinking water, irrigation and energy needs.

SWS offers international expertise in the management and delivery of hydro projects from planning to design and construction. Our services include geotechnical risk assessment and design of large infrastructures, BIM development and management, construction planning, cost analysis and construction risk analysis.