Service excellence

Service excellence

We know that technical expertise and experience alone are not sufficient to guarantee the success of players like us involved in the construction of often highly complex projects. This is why we are always looking for new ways to improve the level of our services in terms of interpersonal relationships, operating transparency, reporting precision, on-budget and on-time delivery. What we in SWS Engineering call “service excellence” is not an add-on to our technical capabilities. Rather, it reflects the way we are and the way we work, with the sole objective of total customer satisfaction.

On every project, we work with the client to define the most sustainable solution. For us, true sustainability means establishing the best balance between the economic, environmental and social sustainability of every single infrastructure.

We pay close attention to delivery processes, giving the customer a full understanding of every step in engineering and construction.

We are committed to providing training on interpersonal relationships and customer care for all our professionals, so that every specialist excels not only in their technical area of competence, but also as an interlocutor who is present, attentive and reliable for every client, at every level.

We understand the importance of rigorous compliance with deadlines. We take the greatest care to avoid delays that could impact the technical value of our solutions.

As partners, we are loyal, reliable and understand of the effectiveness of teamwork. We generally work side by side with general contractors, other engineering and design companies, and consultants in geotechnics, finance, environmental and socio-economic services.