GettyImages-170961868web-5748ae5a5f9b58516516096fAs a specialist in infrastructure and underground works, we provide the following core technical services for contractors, engineering firms, owners and investors:

→ Feasibility, preliminary, detailed design and design during construction;
→ Construction management;
→ Monitoring plans, systems and management;
→ Risk assessment and management;
→ Geological and geotechnical studies, numerical modelling;
→ Value engineering;
→ Independent design check;
→ Constructability, environmental impact and sustainability.

Our clients often benefit from the combination of the above technical services in what we define as “four main business solutions”, as follows.

noun_348916_ccThe engineering industry is continuously developing new technologies to increase the productivity and safety of the excavation process, reduce risks and costs, and limit schedule overruns during construction.

TunnelTech is a suite of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for tunnel design, construction and maintenance in any geological and anthropic environment. SWS draws from the most innovative geotechnical and engineering experiences of developers and contractors around the world. Through its R&D work, SWS leads the industry in minimising disruption, managing the construction process and costs, and optimising solution reliability.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes conventional and mechanised tunnelling, stress, deformation and settlement control, portals, stations, bypasses, shafts, material handling, cost control, ventilation and fire systems We systematically use Project Information Modelling (PIM) techniques in underground design for efficient project delivery. Cost and schedule control, reliable solutions for any design, underground construction engineering are some of the key features of the SWS TunnelTech services suite.

infrariskOn-time and on-budget completion of construction projects starts from a solid design. The SWS InfraRisk services suite provides the design reliability that developers and contractors need.

We take a holistic multidisciplinary approach to design management, building a sound geological and geotechnical model and checking the validity and interpretation of input data. We direct the attention of decision makers to feasible and reliable construction solutions, while minimising project risks. Our recommended solutions are based on specific indicators relating to geology, hydrogeology and environmental sciences, in addition to materials, people and construction methodologies.

Each project begins with a feasibility study and is then divided into smaller components to allow for more advanced design. Subsequent changes and optimizations improve project functionality in terms of performance, constructability, cost and execution time. Greater forecast reliability and independent assessment of potential risks and their management are among the key advantages offered by the SWS InfraRisk services suite.

SWtenderS has years of experience helping general contractors prepare complex and challenging tenders. Cost, time control and reliability are often the key factors of the proposed solutions that lead our clients to successful assignments.

We bring the experience of our specialists in geology, geotechnical engineering, underground construction, BIM and PIM to your tender. Our team meets with your decision makers and explores alternatives to reduce costs, optimise schedules and innovate within the requirements of the tender documents. Depending on the type of project, we use Project Information Modelling (PIM) during the tender phase to manage quantities, interferences, construction sequences and project optimisation.

In other situations, the innovative approach that we bring to the table is the key to success. Our ability to conduct in-depth reviews of every detail of the design has also proved to be an important factor in helping our clients to win contracts. Winning proposals, reliable prices, detailed analysis and our boundless passion are among the key advantages of the SWS TenderForce services suite.

pimComplex facilities such as social infrastructures, hydro schemes, subway systems or long tunnels require powerful centralised data management. Our PIM (Project Information Modelling) suite of services developed from the BIM methodological approach serves this purpose.

The PIM services ensure that all construction and design data are stored on a single platform and updated on a regular basis. One of the most important results of this management approach is enhanced communication among the different teams working on the project. Using 3D rendering, our PIM approach builds visual models that provide actual proof of guaranteed constructability.

The SWS PIM suite of services covers the entire project lifecycle from feasibility to maintenance through to construction. We help developers, utilities, contractors and regulatory agencies achieve a holistic understanding of design, materials, schedules and interferences. Cost control, schedule control, and increased reliability for the design, construction and maintenance of dams, tunnels and infrastructures are among the key advantages of the SWS Project Information Modelling services suite.