We take pride in the fact that our work contributes to the construction of infrastructures of fundamental importance for communities. So we pay very close attention to sustainability-related issues.

For SWS Engineering, sustainability means the best combination of three factors:

  • Safeguarding the environment – natural or urban – in which the infrastructure is located (environment sustainability);
  • Providing the community with an excellent service that minimizes impact during construction and widens benefits once the work is completed (social sustainability);
  • Choosing effective design and construction solutions in terms of costs/benefits (economic sustainability).

SWS Engineering is an active member of the Green Building Council, which promotes LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) at national and international level. LEED is the benchmark sustainability protocol for the construction industry.

The final objective of SSS.infra is to define “Sustainable“ an infrastructure with safe and efficient access, producing social and economic benefits and characterised by a low ecological footprint, able to foster a transportation system that can be effectively harmonised with social and economic needs, while protecting environmental values.

Bearing this ambitious purpose in mind, SSS.infra guideline has been conceived and organised in order to provide:

  • A rigorous scientific tool that can be used for a reliable estimation of infrastructure performance (endorsing the migration from a qualitative to a quantitative approach);
  • A rational guideline that can be useful in promoting the implementation of best-in-class technical solutions during SWS everyday design practice (providing criteria, suggestions, meaningful examples …);
  • A powerful assessment tool that the client can use not only to guide his choices through different design scenario, but also to define a minimum performance for his future stategic infrastructural projects.

SSS.infra content, under this point of view, represents the rational compendium of SWS experience in the field of infrastructure design, gained in more than 30 years of fruitful activity in the sector.

For us, sustainability also means an unwavering commitment to safety, which we promote in every workplace, with on-going training and updates for all our professionals, and scrupulous assessment of the safety policies of possible suppliers.