Technical excellence

Technical excellence

We are a community of professionals with a passion for our work and committed to continuous improvement. We share our technical competences and the results of our projects, and are always looking for more effective and innovative approaches. Our goal is to achieve technical excellence by using cutting-edge methodologies and identifying the most efficient and sustainable solution for every project.

We are reliable partners for project engineering and management, offering complete engineering teams and, when necessary, providing effective support for other teams working on the same project or operating as specialists.

We specialize in underground works in urban areas. For these projects, we have developed a software platform to optimize analysis and management of risk to above-ground buildings and sovrastructures.

We have extensive knowhow of the BIM methodology, which we use not only during engineering but also during construction, to deliver tangible time and cost benefits for the client.

We have the support of the unique expertise of Engisoft, our sister-company active in modeling, which we successfully apply in our projects and to resolve unexpected difficulties.