Our key markets

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Our offices conceive innovative and reliable solutions for the most widely used rail transportation systems. …read more
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We are strongly committed to delivering a 360-degree design service for Mass Rapid Transit in urban areas. …read more
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We manage a wide variety of projects, from the simplest to the most complex highway and road interchanges. …read more
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Our engineers have technical competence and functional sensitivity to help our Clients shaping their ambitious projects. …read more
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Since our foundation, we developed advanced skills in the field of hydraulics studies and hydropower facilities. The combination …read more

Our innovative skills

Tunnel Tech

Thanks to 40 years of experience in the field of underground structures, SYSTRA SWS developed advanced skills in providing innovative solutions for tunnel design and construction, supporting its Clients in adding value to their challenging projects. SMART…read more

Digital Project

Effective infrastructure design requires massive data manipulation. In order to deal with this demanding challenge, we developed an innovative design approach, based on the collection & manipulation of all project data in a flexible and dynamic database.…read more


SSS.infra is a rigorous design Guideline developed and patented by SWS for the quantitative multicriteria performance assessment of sustainable infrastructure and for the retrofitting of the existing transportation network.…read more


i.BIM represents the way SWS goes beyond the current limits of Building Information Modelling, providing customized workflows and post-processing tools aimed at making infrastructure projects more reliable, productive and profitable.…read more
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