A visit to Toprakkale-Bahçe Railway Construction Site


As the designer of construction phase of Toprakkale-Bahçe Railway, SWS Turkey staff visited the construction site of Demce Yapı on 18.05.2019 – 19.05.2019

This visit had three main benefits:
1. Strengthening the relations between the members of staff,
2. Strengthening the self-consciousness that each members’ job is important for a big infrastructure achievement.
3. Professional improvement of our engineers and draftsmen by visual memory of construction.
This helps to understand the difference between theoretical aspects of the design activity and the real practice, especially in a sector like tunneling where this difference is much more evident than any other sector of civil engineering. The Project contains 5 Tunnels, 2 Cut&Cover and 9 Adits.

Administration: Turkish State Railway
Contractor: Demce Yapı
Designer: SWS


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