Reparation and completion project in Djebel El Ouahch, Algeria

Algeria, East – West Highway
Reparation and completion project, after partial collapse, of T1 double way Tunnel in Djebel El Ouahch (region of Constantine).

SWS is in charge of the expertise, geotechnical, geophysical and structural surveys campaign, executive design and technical assistance during works phase.
The ongoing works are currently:
– consolidation activity of the collapse zone in the left tube, across the right tube, realized by injection and structural elements in fiberglass;
– consolidation activity, widening and excavation of the pilot tube in the North front of left tube;
– survey and interpretation activity of the deformation data, realized by the automatic monitoring system installed.

The challenge is related to the complex situation of the tunnel: partial collapse of left tube that damaged also a part of right tube’s final coating, poor geological and geomechanical soil characteristics, presence of trapped engines in the collapsed soil, that made not only the analysis and modelling of the event so difficult, but also the choice of optimal design solution in terms of security, feasibility, achievement time and costs are challenging.

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