Grand Paris Line 15 South T3B. Reinforcement of the existing SIAAP collector

In the context of Grand Paris Express Line 15 South, in autumn 2018, SWS has been engaged by Horizon T3B to study the Opening of a hydraulic collector beneath the Fort-d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart station.

The goal was to create a safe access to the existing collector that required to be lined for supporting the new loads transmitted by the new station. The analysis conducted by SWS on the concrete structure was run by a 3D non-linear structural calculation which permitted to model the exact behaviour law of the concrete during each stage of the excavation/demolition works. Thanks to this study we dimensioned the right temporary steel supports needed for the opening operations.

The construction works followed in the 2019 are successfully exhausted and the General contractor is completing the station works.

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