UK. London. Tideway project. SWS design activities in tideway using BIM.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel project involves the construction of a series of hydraulic tunnels which will allow the capacity of the current London sewer system to be expanded, reducing the discharge of wastewater into the River Thames in the event of excessive rainfall.

Our team has developed an instrument able to predict and optimize the sequence of positioning of the rings, depending on the geometric characteristics of the coating, the design layout, the constraints imposed, and the tolerances of the machine.

The tool developed has allowed to faithfully simulate the construction of the tunnel through three-dimensional modelling and analyse point by point deviations from the project path.
In this way the customer has been able to find the optimal solution to ensure the respect of the project constraints, supported by the statistical data obtained thanks to the above analysis.

The project is described in the interview with our BIM Manager A. Menozzi on Bimportal.

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