SWS Engineering’s works of the Świnoujście tunnel have been started!

The tunnel under Świna river is one of our key infrastructure projects in Poland. The so called Soft-Eyes, designed by our engineers, is ready for the construction phase. This structure allows TBM break-in using cut-able Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) reinforcement as fundamental replacement of the conventional steel reinforcement.

The project total length is approximately 3.2 km. This includes a 1.44 km single tunnel bored under the Świna river. A  slurry-TBM with a diameter of 13.45m will be used due to the particular ground conditions.  Project also includes two huge launching/receiving shafts and two ramps built with open trench and cut&cover tunnel method on the island of Uznam and Wolin Island.

Once the tunnel is completed it will provide a direct connection between Uznam and the Polish mainland and the journey time will be reduced to just a few minutes.

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