Grand Paris Express Line 16 lot 2, SWS team site visit

Last Tuesday, SWS France team was on site of the shaft 02E01 (Line 16 lot 2) for the positioning of the first pieces of the TBM 7 in the shaft.
The shaft is at the limit between lot 1 (Eiffage construction) and lot 2 (Webuild/NGE). The diaphragm walls, the internal excavation of the shaft and the slabs were built by Eiffage and then made available to Webuild in order to set up their TBM and proceed with the excavation of the tunnel. The TBM 7 is foreseen to start its excavation late in September this year.

In this occasion SWS team visited the infrastructures already realised on Line 16-2. In this project SWS France is responsible for the external check of the whole construction design. The Line 16 lot 2 construction is worth 800 M€ and consists of 11 km of tunnel, 4 metro stations and 11 shafts.

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