Excavation has started in Gråmunk Tunnel, Norway!

SWS designed the excavation of the 1060 m rock tunnel, using the conventional method in a complex porphyry deposit. The overburden above the tunnel roof varies from a few meters at the portals to a maximum of approximately 35 m.
The definition of the rock support is based on the approach known as “the observational method”. Depending on the different ranges of the Q-value, different amounts of support are applied.

Gråmunk Rock Tunnel is part of the new 13.6 km double railway track connecting Nykirke and Barkåker (Norway).
The total works include three tunnels, two railway bridges and the new station of Skoppum.
SWS is the main designer for the project.

Client: Bane NOR
Construction company: SAPINOR

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