The progress of SWS team work in Sweden doesn’t stop!

Haga Station is one of the two stations under construction of the new West Link (Västlänken) project, an eight kilometers long double track railway, including a six kilometers railway tunnel, underneath the city of Göteborg. The project will increase the city’s capacity for environmental friendly transport and it will reduce travel times.

After the construction of the Top Slab in Area 7, the bicycle ramp and the reopening of the train line, the JV made up by Astaldi S.p.A., Gülermak & NRC Group is now working on the installation of sheet piles in Area 8 and secant piles and kingposts in Area 6.

The king posts are elements installed like piles from the surface to carry the top slab and temporary struts during the construction stage and they will work as permanent deep foundation in the final configuration of the station.

Two huge machines are working on site to reach and guarantee the embedded length into the bedrock at the maximum depth of 65 m!

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