247 km of high speed rail successfully finalized!

SWS Engineering S.p.A. has successfully completed the detailed design services of Sivas-Erzincan high speed railway, on assignment by TCDD (State Railways of the Republic of Turkey).
The project starts from the city centre of Sivas and ends at km 247 in the city centre of Erzincan. The railway line will be part of the strategic corridor linking China and Central Asia to Europe via İstanbul, Ankara, Sivas, Erzincan, Kars, Tbilisi and Baku. It is designed with high speed standards, but it will also allow mixed traffic. The alignment passes through zones with exceptionally high seismicity, very poor soils and complex hydrogeological conditions.

Significant information regarding the project:
Total length: 247 km
Design speed: 250 km/h
Number of viaducts: 59
Total length of viaducts: 17 km
Number of tunnels: 35
Total length of tunnels: 170 km
Number of cut & covers: 35
Number of overpasses: 18
Number of underpasses: 32
Number of culverts: 226
Number of stations: 5

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