SWS’ CEO interview “Digitisation as a key tool to design the life cycle of tunnels”

Watch SWS’ CEO “Digitisation as a key tool to design the life cycle of tunnels” interview by Ingenio at Forum Ingegneria 4.0 promoted by CSPFea and Fea Engineering.


Paolo Cucino explains what it means to manage the design and construction of an underground construction project digitally, «A tunnel is excavated in a totally or partially unknown context, the surrounding environment can be examined in detail with geognostic investigations, but it must always be borne in mind that in order to build or digitally model an underground infrastructure, this strong interaction must be taken into account».

The use of digital tools offers several advantages such as «the possibility of achieving much greater design detail, improved safety conditions and a more effective rendering of the finished work in terms of both sustainability and resource savings».

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