Another goal in Norway for SWS Engineering!

SWS in cooperation with the local designer Degree of Freedom has been awarded the New Herøysund bridge, in the Herøy municipality, Nordland region. SWS will take care of all the geotechnical design of the bridge, civil works and road section.

A new bridge will be built over Herøysundet and the existing bridge will be demolished. The road project has a total length of approx. 550 m, of which approx. 135 m is the new bridge. The construction of the new bridge will be completed by 2023.
Until a new bridge is in place, the existing bridge will be monitored and reinforcements will be made, so that the bridge will be safe to travel on. A new bridge over Herøysundet will mean a much safer traffic for soft road users, and be important for commercial traffic.

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