SYSTRA SWS celebrates Saint Barbara, the patron saint of miners and tunnellers

Each year on December 4th, people around the globe recognise Saint Barbara for protecting workers during the construction of tunnels and other underground structures. Saint Barbara lived in the 3rd century and is considered in many countries to be the patron saint, or protector, of miners and tunnellers.

Saint Barbara’s day holds special meaning for the SYSTRA SWS team, as they reflect on the early Christian saint and the long-standing tradition to place a statue by the entrance of tunnel projects during their construction.

Building tunnels and other structures underground can be challenging and its complex health and safety-related risks add even more complexity. The underground is a very constrained environment within which to build such complicated structures, so maintaining a focus on safety is of paramount importance for all parties involved. For SYSTRA SWS health & safety is priority, a fundamental aspect of everyday matters.

SYSTRA SWS is always concerned about the safety of the tunnels it designs and builds, as well as the health and safety of its professionals and engineers.

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