A challenging tunnel excavation under the Seine!

Grand Paris Express, Line 15 South – work section T3A is the biggest urban project currently underway in Europe! The digging of the branches of the annex structure OAP10 Resistance located on the Ligne 15 Sud of the Grand Paris Express is moving forward.

The Horizon T3A team (Bouygues Travaux Publics / Soletanche Bachy / SancheBachyTunnel / BESSAC), having installed the steel frame inside the tunnel, have now carried out the excavation and primary support of the first 7 steel ribs of both the ventilation and emergency exit adits.

The SYSTRA SWS team provided the 3D detailed design of the consolidation, full face excavation, temporary supports, and final lining of the two adits, as well as the propping system inside the tunnel.

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