All the SYSTRA family gathered under the same roof in Rome

Today marked a new milestone for SYSTRA with the opening of our new office in Rome!

The new office is designed to encourage collaboration and to provide a safe and productive workspace for our growing team. Alongside Trento, Turin, Rende and Bassano Del Grappa, it embodies the dynamics of our growing Italian group, one of the world’s leading engineering and consultancy groups specialised in tunnels and mobility solutions. Today, there are more than 400 engineers mobilised to work on many and varied new opportunities ahead of us!

We were glad to welcome today on the occasion of this grand opening: Pierre Verzat, Group CEO, Jean-Charles Vollery, Group COO, Aymen Cheikh Mhamed, Senior VP D&B, Paolo Mazzalai, SYSTRA Italy Chairman, and Paolo Cucino, SYSTRA Italy CEO.

All roads lead to Rome… we’ll make sure you’ll find the one that leads to SYSTRA Italy!

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