The Świnoujście tunnel has been inaugurated!

It was exciting to participate in the opening of Świnoujście tunnel on 30 June. Poland’s longest underwater tunnel was a stunning and challenging project. SYSTRA SWS has acted as main tunnel designer, from the preliminary and detailed design up to tunnelling supervision during tunnel construction.

The road tunnel runs for almost 2 kilometres under the Świna river, a channel in northwest Poland that connects Szczecin Lagoon with the Baltic Sea. It creates a road link between the Polish city of Świnoujście, located on the island of Uznam divided between Germany and Poland, and the Polish mainland, previously linked only by ferry.

The tunnel was excavated with a 13.46m diameter slurry TBM over a length of approximately 1.5km, including two ramps built using the open trench and cut-and-cover method on Uznam Island and Wolin Island, as well as emergency niches built underwater using the ground freezing technique. It is one of the largest diameters TBM tunnels in Europe where SFRC only segmental lining has been used.

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