"Advanced design methodologies in Era of 4.0"

Effective infrastructure design requires massive data manipulation. In order to deal with this demanding challenge, we developed an innovative design approach, based on the collection & manipulation of all project data in a flexible and dynamic database.


patent 2016 – 102016000103634

0 km of analysed tunnels

Tunnelling in urban areas is influenced by a number of parameters related to TBM type and geometry, as well as geotechnical, hydraulic and surface conditions. In the traditional design approach, no correlation between face pressure and volume loss is taken into account.

The “Urban Tunnel Tool” has been developed to assist the Contractor in defining optimal face pressures along the alignment, as well as identifying critical sections where special measures are necessary. The face pressure profile ensures front stability, avoiding blow-up and minimising damage to existing structures.
All input and output data are effectively visualized using GIS and BIM software.

urban tunnel tool representation


patent 2016 – 102016000103594

0 km of analysed tunnels

In deep rock tunnels TBM selection, excavation rate estimation and tool wear definition are affected by the significant variability of geomechanical parameters and by a large number of potential hazards. The traditional design approach shows limitations, not being able to provide a detailed risk evaluation along the tunnel, due to the intrinsic difficulty of handling a huge amount of data and its variability.

The “Hard Rock Tool” has been developed to assist the Contractor in comparing the ability of different TBMs to cope with the complex set of hazards expected along the entire length of the tunnel. The aim of the tool is thus to allow for the selection of the most suitable boring machine. Furthermore, during the construction phase, the tool provides a reliable estimation of the TBM production chart considering different scenarios of wear, risks …
All input and output data can be effectively visualized using GIS and BIM software.

hard rock tunnel tool representation
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