"BIM methodology for infrastructures"

i.BIM represents the way SWS goes beyond the current limits of Building Information Modelling, providing customized workflows and post-processing tools aimed at making infrastructure projects more reliable, productive and profitable.


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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a well-known holistic methodological approach that can be implemented for the conception, design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of civil works. The ambitious mission of BIM is to create a “digital twin” of the “real infrastructure”, containing all the relevant geometrical information and metadata, and being able to collect and manage information coming from the different stakeholders involved in the process.

This objective, still not completely accomplished, has recently led software and technological advances in civil engineering, representing one of the main field of innovation for the last decade.

example of bim rendering for muskrat falls project

SWS and i.BIM

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Considering that software development was mainly focused in vertical building industry, SWS provided a great effort in expanding BIM towards the world of linear infrastructure. Thanks to its engagement in this topic, SWS leveraged the available technologies, offering its Clients top quality design services for tunnels, metro stations, bridges, hydropower plants, MEPs, roads, and excavations, ranging from conception to final asset management.

As further proof of its reliability, SWS is currently leading SIG (Società Italiana Gallerie) working group on BIM and co-leads ITA (International Tunnel Association) WG 22, promoting at the maximum level the implementation of BIM in tunnelling industry.

example of bim rendering for brenner base tunnel project
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