ILVA OF TARANTO, Steel shelters

Huge steel structures for safe environmental confinement

Opened in November 27 1964, ArcelorMittal currently is the largest steel plant in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. It supplies finished products for both domestic and foreign markets, feeding a wide range of Italian industries acting in the automotive, construction and shipbuilding sectors.

Over recent years, ArcelorMittal undertook several renovation works, among which the construction of two large steel warehouses 80m high, 254m wide, and 700m long over the Mineral and Fossil Parks. These structures have been engineered with the objective of preventing the wind induced dust flow towards the adjacent urban environment, and are characterized by 51huge arch trusses placed at a distance of 14m.

Just to give the numbers of the project, the construction of the two shelters will require 60’000 tons of steel, 200,000m3 of concrete, 10,000 tons of reinforcement and 25,000m of piles.

In this challenging scenario, SYSTRA SWS was appointed for the construction management, for the architectural color study of the envelope, for the generation of the BIM Model required for permanent concrete structures (including rebars), and for the implementation of value engineering simulations aimed at optimising the required amount of reinforcement.

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