Engineering services for a best-in-class subway project

Nowadays Copenhagen has one of the most advanced and connected public transportation systems in Europe. This is probably because both the Danish government and the municipal authorities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg have a strong commitment in providing an efficient and sustainable connection between the different parts of the city. In this context, Cityringen represents a completely new metro extension of about 17.4km, requiring an underground route with 17 stations. The line will cover all the major parts of the city centre as well as the Østerbro, Nørrebro, and Vesterbro districts and the Municipality of Frederiksberg (currently not covered by S-train or Metro line service). By the completion of Cityringen, expected in 2019, it is estimated that a full round trip will take approximately 23 minutes.

From a technical point of view, the project is extremely complex, since Copenhagen is at the sea level (which means water management problems), because of the complex interaction between civil works and MEPs, and because of the high expectations in terms of construction and architectural quality.

In a first stage, SYSTRA SWS was required to provide design consultancy services for detailed structural and MEP design of two stations (Nørrebro and Frederiksberg Allè). Later, Copenhagen Metro Team (CMT) appointed SWS for developing the BIM Model of all the 17 stations of the line, coordinating civil works, MEP components, and architectural finishes.

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