Florence railway link

A railway link under priceless historic masterpieces

Florence High-Speed railway link is strongly characterised by three functional components: the Rifredi interchange, the twin tunnels and the new Belfiore station.

More in detail, the interchange was designed to allow an effective traffic management, avoiding problematic interferences between the new line and the existing historical tracks. With a total length of about 510m, this concrete structure makes it possible to intersect 3 lines with different elevations, resulting in a complex geometrical layout.
The twin tunnels, with a total length of 5,1km, have an external diameter of 9,1m and reach a maximum depth of 27m. Due to the complex set of boundary conditions encountered during excavation, a mix of conventional and mechanised technology was required in the project.
Finally, the new station was conceived to become an iconic landmark for the city (architectural design by Norman Foster). With a total surface of 450 x 50m2, underground depth of 25m and maximum elevation of 18m, this building represents a fascinating technical challenge.
The full functionality of the link required the implementation of many complementary civil works like shafts, railway bridges, footbridges…

In this exciting context, SWS was required to provide engineering services for tunnels, functional shafts, earth retaining structures, bridges and monitoring systems, including advanced consultancies aimed at defining TBM pressure parameters and tunnel fire performance.

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