Follo Line project, Drill & Blast

A core part of Oslo InterCity development

The Follo Line Project is an important investment for the government, which includes a new double-track railway line between Oslo Central Station and the public transport hub at Ski, 20km long twin tunnels, the construction of a new station at Ski, and an extensive work close to Oslo Central Station. The main construction works started in 2015, with completion expected within December 2021.

Moving from the assumption that a large scale project of this nature will affect people, nature and environment, Bane NOR required to cause as little impact as possible. That is why the real design challenge was to avoid any disruption to the daily flow of traffic to and from Oslo.

In this challenging context, SWS was required to provide engineering services for the huge cut-and-cover tunnel between the Central Station and the mined tunnel, and for the 1,3km drill & blast excavation required to approach the TBM starting chainage. BIM technologies and traditional design expertise were mixed to achieve Bane NOR objectives.

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