Geological conditions with weak rocks under great depth with possible squeezing phenomenon

The project is comprising of double railway tunnels Scaleres (15.4km) and Gardena (6.3km), two single interconnections railway tunnels northside (2.1km) and southside (3.2km), 4 intermediate access tunnels, Forch (1.4km), Albes (0.7km), Chiusa (1.8km) and Funes (0.5km). 70% of the HSR lines shall be bored through the mechanised system.

The challenges of the project do not only include difficult ground conditions but also underpasses of A22 highway (one of the most important commercial axes within Europe) with approximately 50,000 vehicles per day. Moreover, tunnels will cross an existing railway between Verona and Munich with an operational traffic of 280 trains per day. The distance between tunnel crown and railway is about 4m.

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