A sophisticated refurbishment in the hearth of Milan

Built by RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) between 1984 and 1994, the two towers were the object of a sophisticated retrofitting process aimed at transforming these into a concrete example for a sustainable future of real estate industry in Italy. The two buildings, with their 23 stores, have been accurately restyled to guarantee zero emissions, thanks to a massive implementation of green technologies like PV panels, natural ventilation, interactive envelope elements and bio-climatic winter gardens. Since the towers lie directly above the existing railway station, the real design challenge was the conception of a detailed set of structural measures to be implemented without any problematic interface with train passage and disruption of Garibaldi Station functionality.

In this exciting context, SWS was required to provide engineering services for the seismic retrofitting of the two towers. Specifically, the scope of work consisted in the conception of the new metallic complementary building, the construction management and the evaluation of structural system performance in terms of robustness. BIM technologies and advanced FEM simulations were combined to comply with Client’s expectations.

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