“Complete Design Check”

Line 16 of the Grand Paris Express is one of the new metropolitan connections designed to connect the north-eastern border region of Paris with the capital.

Line 16 crosses the departments Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-d’Oise, crossing lines 11 and 17 and connecting at the ends with lines 15 North and 15 South. The 10 stations along the route of line 16 will welcome a daily average of around 800,000 travellers.

Line 16 is entirely underground, with a length of 27.5 km and the use of 8 TBM. The works’ conclusion is scheduled for 2030. For the creation of this new metropolitan line, three construction lots were planned. The second lot was won by the Salini Impregilo-NGE group in autumn 2018. This lot, which runs from Aulnay-sous-Bois to Chelles, includes 4 stations, 11 annexed works and 11.1 km of tunnels. The last one will be realized by employing 2 TBM.

In this complex project, SYSTRA SWS is responsible for the external control mission in the execution phase of 16 Lot 2 line.

The mission provides for the control and approval of all the documentation concerning the following topics:

  • Geotechnics and hydrogeology;
  • Temporary works;
  • Internal structures;
  • Tunnel;
  • Connection Branches;
  • Monitoring system;
  • Vulnerability analysis of buildings;
  • BIM modeling.
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