The longest road link tunnel in Poland excavated under the Świna river

The national speed-up road (GP class) will connect the islands of Wolin and Uznam in Świnoujście, on the section from Karsiborska street (approx. chainage km 0+000) in Uznam Island to the intersection between Duńska and Fińska street (approx. chainage km 3+200) in Wolin Island with a total length of approx. 3.2km.

The development of national road includes the construction of a tunnel with full-face mechanised excavation by a large diameter (13.46m) Slurry TBM under Świna river, for a length of approx. 1.44km, including access roads to the tunnel with two ramps built with open trench and cut and cover tunnel method on the island of Uznam and Wolin Island.

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