VESTFOLD LINE, Nykirke – Barkåker

Excavation proceeded mainly in rock difficult groundwater conditions and rock excavation

The project consists of a new double-track railway (13.6km) with a train station adjacent to the urban area of Skoppum. It includes rock tunnels, 1 cut and cover concrete tunnel, 17km of roads (permanent and temporary), 3 bridges and 1 train station.

The entire area of the project is constituted mainly of clay and the new alignment has been designed for a maximum speed of 250km/h and will cut 5 minutes from journey times between Drammen and Eidanger. Tunnels are excavated mainly in hard rock and with Drill & Blast. Rock support and water frost protection is designed in accordance with local technical requirements. Plain concrete is implemented all along the tunnel and in crossing and niche sections reinforcement lining is used.

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