Minimising surface settlements by maintaining the natural groundwater lever during construction

The E04 Haga project is part of the West Link, a railway tunnel running underneath central Gothenburg, requiring the construction of three new stations and connecting commuters with transit traffic. The E04 Haga contract includes a rock tunnel and a station to be mostly excavated in clay. In more detail, the E04 contract will be connected with the E03 Kvarnberget project on the northern side and with the E05 project on the south. The project will increase the city capacity for environmentally friendly transport, and it will reduce travel times.

Complicated structure in urban areas (clay part: cut and cover, rock part: cavern). Challenging geotechnical conditions (excavation is carried out partially in sound rock and mostly in clay). Challenging hydro conditions (lower and upper aquifer to be properly sealed during the excavation to avoid lowering of water table and, as a consequence, minimise settlements at ground surface and in surroundings. Part of the station to be constructed under an existing building (Skattehuset) to be preserved. Huge interference with natural constraints, such as excavation under Rosenlund Canal.

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