"Infrastructures designed with consciousness"

SSS.infra is a rigorous design Guideline developed and patented by SWS for the quantitative multicriteria performance assessment of sustainable infrastructure and for the retrofitting of the existing transportation network.


SSS.infra copyright 2017 – 016319824

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SSS.infra represents the compendium of SWS experience in the field of sustainable infrastructure multicriteria analysis. A rigorous approach has been conceived to allow a quantitative and objective performance evaluation for a selected set of design scenarios. Thanks to its rigorous and analytical approach, SSS.infra moves the world of sustainability in the field of quantitative performance assessment, bringing together the best of what is currently available to guarantee safety, suitable integration and rational use of resources.

The name of SSS.infra has been chosen considering the three Sustainability Parameters used to define the macro objectives of the design guideline: Safe performance, Suitable integration, Source control

representation of the main advantages of the sss.infra approach


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The accurate implementation of SSS.infra allows for the achievement of three meaningful advantages:

  • Analytical Performance: SSS.infra analytical approach guarantees a reliable and objective performance evaluation, overcoming subjectivity;
  • Association with Design Stages: the clear and effective association with widely used design stages is important in order to define roles and responsibilities;
  • Promotion of Integrated Design: the rich network of connections established between different credits has the specific purpose of promoting integrated design.
representation of the main advantages of the sss.infra approach
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