Istanbul University Çapa and Cerrahpaşa Campuses project has been completed

We are happy to announce that SYSTRA SWS, together with RPA Srl, has successfully completed the Detailed Design of the Istanbul University Çapa and Cerrahpaşa Campuses project!

It was a challenging project for all parties due the importance of these two Faculties of Medicine for Turkey. Çapa and Cerrahpaşa Campuses project took place in the scope of urban transformation of Istanbul, in archaeological and first-degree seismic zone.

Within the scope, it has been performed the Detail Design of an overall surface of 965.786 m2. Among these, 285.280 m2 are those of Çapa Training and Research Hospital (with 749 beds capacity) and 356.680 m2 those of Cerrahpaşa (with 1100 beds capacity) Training and Research Hospitals, following the principles of the LEED Certificate (GOLD) issued by the US Green Building Council. Moreover, we have also finalised the Preliminary Design of the 449.897 m2 (1200 beds capacity) of the Hasdal Campus Training and Research Hospital.

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